What I like about my parents?

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Why do you like your parents?

It’s because they give you unconditionally whether it’s love, support, or anything. They spend their whole life in grooming you, raising you, and making you what you are today. Most of you would not be at this place if your parents didn’t support or encourage you morally as well as financially.

What can I write about my parents?

They are very loving and care for me always. My father is Sanjay Pal (write your own father’s name) and my mother is Sarbani Devi (write your own mother’s name). My father is an architect and is a great designer. He is a very kind and hardworking person.

What are good things about parents?

But most kids will benefit from parents who strive to provide care, attention, and unconditional love—but set expectations for behavior too.

  • Guide and Support, Not Push and Demand.
  • Let Kids Be Independent.
  • Remember, Kids Are Always Watching.
  • Never Be Mean, Spiteful, or Unkind.
  • Show Your Kids You Love Them.

What is special about my parents?

my parents are really special because the first reason is that because of them i am here, i am alive. they love me selflessly, cares for me always and makes me feel special everytime. they are always ready to help me. they are my first teacher as they have only taught me everything.

Why do I admire my parents?

I admire them because they have helped me with my problems in life, theyve taught me a lot of important lessons, and they were and still are always there for me. I admire my parents because they have always tried to help me with my problems.

Why do I love my mom and dad 10 lines?

Few Lines on love my mom and dad:

Without parents, we are nothing in this world. Mom & Dad care for me, and in my life I love them the most. My parents are the sweetest and respected persons of my life. Both my mom & dad are working people, but they never forget me.

How do you write a few lines about your parents?

Set (2) 10 Lines on My Parents

  1. In the life of children, parents have been given the name of God.
  2. Parents give us new life and nurture us.
  3. They love their child selflessly.
  4. Parents take care of the happiness of their children.
  5. They try to fulfill every wish of their child.
  6. Parents give a good education to their children.

Why do I love my mom and dad topic?

They never ignore me, never hate me, always ready to help me and always care me. Those two most precious persons are my Parents. I love my parents as all the children do because this love is unconditional and gender free. I love them because they love me excessively but still teach me to not to cross limits in life.

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Why our parents is our hero?

We have seen many heroes on TV Programmes, but the most important hero to many of us would be our mom and dad. They are always there for the children whenever they need them. When the children are sick, they make them smile, and that always makes them feel better.

What makes a good parent paragraph?

A good parent takes care of themselves so they can take care of their children. A good parent always advocates for the needs of their children and does their best to have active communication with their children. A good parent can come in a sizes, shapes, colors, and forms. A good parent can live anywhere.

What makes a perfect parent?

Mothers and fathers tend to have good intuition and knowledge of their own children. They often know more than they think they do, and they should not be afraid of making mistakes. Children are resilient and forgiving and usually learn and grow through their mistakes. Parents tend to be just as resilient and forgiving.

What are parents supposed to be like?

They act as responsible individuals themselves

1, children learn more from examples. Responsible parents behave responsibly in front of their children. As responsible individuals, they care for mother nature, be kind to others, practice honesty and are authentic.

How would you describe your parents?

Kind, funny, loving, helpful, caring, happy, fun. These are some of the words adopted children used to describe their parents. As you can see, being an adoptive parent requires the same characteristics as any other parent.

What is the value of parents?

They play the biggest role in our development. Father and mother play important role in our mental, physical, social, financial and career development. Parents are the most precious gift of God for us. They help us in every step of our life ,they trained us very hard style for the future challenges.

How do you appreciate your parents?

6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Parents

  1. Spend time together.
  2. Celebrate together.
  3. Home assistance.
  4. Treat your parents.
  5. Tell them you love them.
  6. Make a gift.

What can I admire about my mom?

1) She’s always cheerful. 2) She’s very creative. 3) She gives good advice. 4) She’s a great teacher.

Why do I admire my father?

“He’s a great dad, he taught us everything we, I, needed to know and helped me become who I am today.” “He’s very ambitious and loyal. He’ll do whatever he can to aid and assist you and help you better yourself.” “I admire his ambition, his drive, his work ethic.

What do you admire most about your mother and father?

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  • Caring and Loving: No matter what is the situation she always care about me.
  • Hardworking: She does too much work but still she don’t make any complaints.
  • Hardworking: He does everything to make me happy.
  • Simple: He follows “Simple living and high thinking” which I really admire.

How do I write an essay about my parents?

My Strength My Parents Essay

My parents are my strength who support me at every stage of life. I cannot imagine my life without them. My parents are like a guiding light who take me to the right path whenever I get lost. My mother is a homemaker and she is the strongest woman I know.

Why my parents are my role model?

My role models are my parents. They are my pillars of strength. They are my guide and give me the courage to battle obstacles in life. My mother, being a working professional, manages all her work perfectly and with efficiency.

Why do you love your mom essay?

I have learnt to love her from the day I was born. My mother was the first person to teach me to draw and walk, and she was with me when I took my first step ever! She has taught me to believe in people and not to have grudges against one another. She always encouraged me to go along when I was ready to give up.

How do you help your parents write 10 lines?

You should share these lines with your kids.

  1. My parents are very good, they take care of me a lot.
  2. My father is a school teacher.
  3. My mother is a housewife.
  4. They work hard a lot to make sure of my comfort.
  5. My mother helps me with my homework.
  6. My father takes me out.

What is the best caption for parents?

Positive Parenting Quotes

  • “We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” –
  • “A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.” –
  • “To understand your parents’ love you must raise children yourself.” –
  • “Love your parents.
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Why do I love my mom 10 lines?

My mother takes care of everyone in the house. Every day my mother prepares tasty meals for my father and me. My mother scolds me often but later calmly corrects my mistakes. My mother is also very hardworking because she keeps the house in order and has to work in her office too.

Why do I like my mother?

I love my mom because she has always been there for me through thick and thin. She is caring, selfless, independent, and strong. My mother is a pillar in my life and will do absolutely anything for my children. One of a kind to say the least!

How I help my parents short paragraph?

Above all I obey my parents at all times and responds their order as quick as possible. I do not make a fuss about their orders. I leave my all works , if I found them tired for helping them. I respect and obey my parents rules.

Why is my mom my hero?

While growing up, people hold on to their inspirations and heroes, which inspires them to be better every day. A mother is your mentor and your support system. A mother’s love for a child is unconditional and rare. For a child, his mother is the first influence and nothing less than a superhero.

Why is your mother is your superhero?

A mother is someone who protects and guides you in whatever you do. She does everything patiently with an affectionate understanding towards her kids. She is the most precious person on earth, who does her work with lots of tenderness. No matter how hectic the schedule, she is going through, she thinks for you only.

Why is my father my hero?

1) My father is my hero and the best person in my life. 2) He is the one whom I look upon for all my dreams and desires. 3) He faces all the difficulties of life without letting it come on us. 4) He helps me in my studies and solves all my problems.

How can parents be good role models?

A parent can be a child’s role model by taking care of their own well-being. Children need adults to look up to and parents that teach them healthy habits. If you create an atmosphere of healthy living in your family’s home, your children will be happier and healthier.

What are the 10 responsibilities of a parent?

These include:

  • to protect your child from harm.
  • to provide your child with food, clothing and a place to live.
  • to financially support your child.
  • to provide safety, supervision and control.
  • to provide medical care.
  • to provide an education.

Is there a perfect parents?

This is why you need to resist the urge to follow along. So, remember, as you set out on this long and beautiful and always challenging journey, the learning curve for us as parents is almost as broad as it is for our kids. Because there’s no perfect path, no perfect kid, and definitely no perfect parent.

What are the role of parents?

The proper role of the parent is to provide encouragement, support, and access to activities that enable the child to master key developmental tasks. A parent is their child’s first teacher and should remain their best teacher throughout life.

How would you describe your mom in one word?

Kind is one of the words to describe Mom, if she is gentle, good-natured, friendly, considerate and caring. A kind mom is also one who is selfless, genuine and helpful. Eg: Watching you be kind to others all my life has made me a better person.

How can I describe my mother?

When we think of words to describe a mother , we may think of words such as nurturing, caring, loving, affectionate, and helpful. We may also think of a mother as someone who will always be there for you no matter what happens.

What parents mean to me?

To me my parents represent happiness, protection, and ambition. Parents in general are the closest human beings that we will ever have. Parents don’t just love and care for us just because we are intelligent, or have a nice haircut, but because we are what we are- their children. To me, my parents represent love.

How parents influence your life?

As a parent, you influence your child’s basic values, like religious values, and issues related to their future, like educational choices. And the stronger your relationship with your child, the more influence you’ll have, because your child will be more likely to seek your guidance and value your opinion and support.

Why are parents so important to a child?

Parents are among the most important people in the lives of young children. Parents include mothers and fathers, as well as other caregivers who act as parents. From birth, children rely on parents to provide them with the care they need to be happy and healthy, and to grow and develop well.

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What do you like about your father?

I love my dad for so many reasons, but what stands out the most in my heart is the way he has always believed in me, supported me, guided me, and loved me unconditionally. He has always encouraged me to just be me and to not suppress who I am for anyone and that is more than I could have ever asked for in a father.

What inspires me about my dad?

My dad is the kindest man that I have ever met. He never talks bad about others, always helps other people, and always tries to do the right thing no matter what the cost to himself. He is kind, thoughtful, generous and honest.

What do you like the most about your family?

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  • They are your true love.
  • Family is matchless.
  • They will never leave your side.
  • You can find real happiness with them.
  • They are your “Home”.
  • They accept you.
  • They are your number one fan.
  • They are your first critics.

What a father means to me?

To me being a father means being there to sculpt a life that will one have an impact on our world. To me being a father means encouraging a child to go for their dreams. To me being a father means providing and loving and giving. To me being a father also means joy and heartbreak.

What do you admire about your family?

A family is a place where anyone could expect to get anything without the promise of return in exchange. In my family, I admire my father most. He is the key person in our family and maintains the family in a solid way. He is my hero in my life.

Who do I admire the most?

2020 world’s most admired – country breakdown

MEN Admiration score Admiration score
David Attenborough 23.13% 23.29%
Barack Obama 15.91% 10.87%
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge 9.52% 8.01%
Bill Gates 6.18% 7.33%

Who is the most important person in your family?

And the most important person in a family are the parents. The most important thing about children is the need to prepare them properly for responsible citizenship.

Why you like your parents?

It’s because they give you unconditionally whether it’s love, support, or anything. They spend their whole life in grooming you, raising you, and making you what you are today. Most of you would not be at this place if your parents didn’t support or encourage you morally as well as financially.

How did your mom inspire you?

My mother has taught me that hard times can be overcome and that losing battles can be won. She has taught me more than I could have learnt from any book. She sets an inspirational example to me teaching me how to live life and make wise choices, even in the most uncertain situations. I respect her a lot.

Why is my family my inspiration?

My family is very inspiring because they show me all aspects on how I should live my life through their experiences like education, parenting, and work ethic. My family’s past experiences also teach me how to live my life the best way possible.

Why did your mother inspired you?

My mom inspires me every day in the way she lives her life. My mom the most joyful person I know and she can light up a room with her smile and energy. She chooses positivity and shares that with everyone around her. She’s also our fiercest supporter and advocate and for that, I am eternally grateful.

What is the best thing you like about your mother?

50 Things I Love About My Mom

  • Her intuition and all-knowing ‘mom-ness’
  • Her gentle touch.
  • Her ability to rationalize and work through any tough situation.
  • Her generosity.
  • Her selflessness.
  • Her love of healthy living.
  • Her empathy.
  • Her silly sense of humor.

Why is my mom special to me?

She has been through a lot in life. She is my best friend and always supports everything I do. She is loving, caring, funny, brave, smart, strong, good-hearted, hardworking, and understanding. She always tries to make people happy and with everything she has been through, she always tries to keep a smile on her face.

Why you love your mother a lot?

Mothers are the ones who teach and discipline children to live a better life. From soothing, loving, and educating babies who grow up to make life-changing and history-making feats, mothers are the rock behind it all. A mother fulfills her responsibilities from the moment she wakes up till she goes to bed.